She is Duana’s best. And my worst. I want to cry over this, that she could be my worst. Because finally, FINALLY, Julianne Moore wins...and she’s wearing... well... let’s get into it then. Duana first:

It was still my best of the night – and I just want to make the distinction here between “best” and “perfect”.   Yes, I thought Julianne Moore’s dress was the best of the night. I loved the colour, even if on TV the shade differences between the top and skirt fabrics were a little noticeable. Even if the fit around the ribs was tight enough that there were tiny wrinkles. One of the things we were talking about last night is the difference between a dress that works on the carpet, and a dress that still works after it’s been worn seated for an hour or two.

But still, she chose something that was right for her specifically, not just the trend on the carpet. Would you have preferred Julianne Moore in another mermaid gown? There are many people we love but don’t look to for sartorial innovation, right? Tina Fey is never going to be truly experimental on the carpet, and that’s fine. Likewise, Julianne Moore’s gorgeous chartreuse with the skim-top and giant skirt may have been a little sheer, and maybe it didn’t achieve all of what it set out to do, but first of all, it alleviated a lot of dress boredom, and second, shouldn’t people try stuff, even if it doesn’t always come out as a perfect 10?

There’s also the possibility that she chose it purely for the awesome colour-wheel contrast of her hair spilling over those pea-soup shoulders – and that in itself is almost enough for me. So sue me.

Agree, agree, agree on the colour. But, um, it was a two piece. And the low piece was hitched up to under her breasts so that from the side, they looked like they were hanging over and would have needed to be peeled up and out to be readjusted. Also, as Duana mentioned, the waist wrinkling wasn’t just unflattering, it seemed cheap. But the worst was that there was SO MUCH OF IT. Long sleeves, high neck, a skirt that looked enormous because it was extended so far beyond where a skirt normally starts, and it fell, fell, fell all the way to the ground, expanding in waves all around her... so that it was just one... flat ...endless ...yellow suit and nothing to break it up. Like, I love her for experimenting, and of course this wasn’t worse element for element than, say, ugh, Julie Bowen’s dumb taffeta but Julianne set her own standard too, you know? Julianne’s red carpet history has been risky and imaginative and, most of the time, right on point. On the off chance that she misses then, well, like I said earlier in the preview, it’s only fair.

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