Maybe if you sell your wedding photos to a magazine you’re just f-cking asking for it. In light of what happened after… well… enough said.

Remember these pictures? The original article is here and the entire album is here. The black and white ones, really, are the worst of the lot. Fergie and Josh undressing each other, in bed together, feigning tenderness together as a photographer and his assistant adjust the light and her publicist stands around handling the situation…SO ROMANTIC.


How else do you think celebrity photo shoots go down?

You think these were “candid”?


It’s the ultimate in contrivance. All for a fee. Not sure exactly how much but there was a cheque. Like two loser f-cking reality show stars, only Fergie is a multimillion album artist, solo AND in a band. Which makes it even tackier.

I especially enjoy the one where she’s unbuttoning his shirt. Come ON.

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