Best & Worst of 2011: Lohans at the Kardashian wedding

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 12, 2011 23:37:12 December 12, 2011 23:37:12

Worst because obviously.

Best because, donΓÇÖt lie, seeing these two pieces of sh-t taking third place at a loserΓÇÖs wedding gave you a lot of joy. HereΓÇÖs a refresher: Lindsay Lohan wearing what I called a knock off of a knock off of a Cavalli barely containing her middle age tits looking older than her mother. And it turned out to be the white version of Pippa MiddletonΓÇÖs green Temperley, worn at her sisterΓÇÖs wedding ball at Buckingham Palace, which Temperley wanted to make VERY clear was NOT a gift, telling PEOPLE:

ΓÇ£TemperleyΓÇÖs PR team says they didnΓÇÖt lend Lohan the gown, but believe she purchased it from their L.A. store.ΓÇ¥
And how did these pictures become available? How did the paps break down her door at the hotel and secure these exclusives?


ThereΓÇÖs only one way the photographer was granted access into that useless twatΓÇÖs room to shoot her getting ready. Otherwise, how would we have been seen? As I understand, only Dina Lohan was included in the official Kardashian wedding footage that aired on E! Lindsay LohanΓÇÖs not even good enough to make it onto a reality show. Happy 2011.

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