Best of 2008: Silver Fox vs Mama Pimp!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 31, 2008 16:54:36 December 31, 2008 16:54:36


I loved him before. But then, when he guest hosted with Kelly Ripa and bitch slapped the Lohans… oh la, Anderson Cooper made the list for life.

“Apparently these people, these horrific people, the Lohans, they’re quite well known… ?”


“And there’s this perfectly nice, allegedly 14 year old girl, looks to be more like 60 – no I say that with concern and love – and she allegedly wants to be a singer and or actor slash performer of some sort of striptease person, I don’t know…”

SO amazing.

Please, if you haven’t watched, you must. Check his reaction when Kelly tries to call them a “multitalented family”.

Anderson Cooper calls Ali Lohan an old hag:

Of course when Dina Lohan heard about it she publicly responded via some magazine predicting that “bad karma” would rain down on Anderson’s fine silver ass for messing with her family.


No bad karma. Only praise and worship.

And because no sister can walk away without the last word, Silver Andy fired back at Dina, saying she was “probably out clubbing” when the show was on. Hee!

Anderson Cooper calls out Dina Lohan’s clubbing:

Anything. I would do ANYTHING to be his hag.

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