It was one of our favourite gossip activities this year, non? Watching Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman’s curious baby bump get smaller and smaller as her pregnancy progressed, seeing her at the gym every day, snickering as she’d put her hand repeatedly over her stomach even in “candid” photos just to make sure you knew she was having a Sunday.

And then watching as Gran’s body completely reverted back to normal in like 2 hours after Sunday’s arrival.

Led to some pretty ferocious debate among the smutterati: is that just the way she’s built? Was there a surrogate? Did she buy one from China? Did she hit up Xenu’s lab?

And most importantly…

Botox is safe when you’re expecting?

Evidently… yes. Or at least she thought it was.

Oh and by the way – those images of her in workout gear (Nike cap, yoga pants), they were taken on March 27th, 2008, a full month AFTER the Oscars. You’ll note at the Oscars, she was with Keith Urban, her neck bejewelled accessorising a plain black gown.

It’s a mystery.

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