Lindsay Lohan rang in 2008 in low classy assy style, spreading her dirty orange firecrotch all over some Italian dude at a party in Europe…to the delight of photographers snapping every single moment:

As in a new rehabbed Lilo, looking drunk off her rag, straddled across the man on a coach, grinding up his crotch as he half heartedly kneaded her ass. I mean really…as far as pap shots go, these are a smutty delight.

Check out his flabby hairy stomach leaning into her as they kiss, barely able to keep the vomit down, let alone focus on finding each others lips. And the cigarettes in opposing hands, almost as if they were placed there for the pose. Like art. But the basest form.

Note how bright it was – not some clandestine fondling in a dark corner but a well lit area visible for all to see, and she was too f-cked to care. The only thing that could have this even more amazing would have been a full body angle of her on top of him. There’s something about the feet in photos like this – like the exclamation point on the most disgusting meal you’ve ever eaten. The opposite of elegant, not pointed, perhaps clenched and cocked in one direction, like a girl plucked from a massage parlour and trained to be a princess, only in the end, the feet always give her away.

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