I almost forgot! I almost forgot about the video that made our lives!

The theme from Mission Impossible, Tom’s crazy cackle, Tom’s crazy serious face immediately following his crazy cackle, the Xenu gibberish spewing from his mouth, and then his acceptance of that award swearing allegiance to LRH… it’s a far cry from the current iteration of Tom Cruise making his press rounds and it’s why we need this reminder – for those of you weakened by his remarkable publicity charms and yes, I’m including my colleagues at eTalk who were hypnotised by him last week. 

Do not forget he is still the man in these moments… 

Because a Scientologist is the only one who can help someone lying on the side of a road at an accident., right? 

Tom Cruise won’t hesitate to put his ethics on someone else! 

Here he is at Letterman last night with his new creepy skinny face.

Seriously, go back and watch this sh-t. It’s hilarious. And scary as f-ck. But my favourite is when he and that Head Sci dude salute each other on stage. It’s the best giggles. 

Oh and just for kicks – let’s watch his birthday party video again!

Tom Cruise Scientology video


Tom Cruise Scientology Award


Tom Cruise Birthday Party


Photos from Wenn.com