Best because he came out like a massive f-cking prick. For Billy Bob Thornton, life really was over as soon as The Jolie left him. Watching it back again, it’s even worse than I remember. And better.

Back in April, BBT was in Toronto with his band promoting their new record. The Boxmasters stopped by Q with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio. And for no particular, rational reason, BBT proceeded to lose his f-cking sh-t, all because, in service of CONTEXT, Jian referenced that Billy Bob Thornton is an ACTOR.

At a certain point, Jian confronts the attitude. And eventually, Jian is able to bring the awkwardness to what he thinks will be a truce. Sulky petty bitch BBT however doesn’t want to let it go. Then he decides to insult Canadians. Mashed potatoes with no gravy. All this after declaring that in the last 30 years, no other musical act has been doing what he’s been doing. Angelina done f-cked him up good.

Thanks Jessica!

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