He was everywhere, but not too much. He was nominated but didn’t win. He is nominated for a Golden Globe but will not host the show. He did however host the Tony Awards and the Emmy Awards and totally owned both nights and looked really, really handsome doing it. This was a year for Neil Patrick Harris. Right?

Who doesn’t love NPH?

NPH is currently in New York for the holiday and tweeted the other day that he hung his balls. The tree is ready. Cute.

He also went for dinner last night at Babbo. Sigh. We were at Babbo on Friday night. Ate my tits off and enjoyed every single bite. Many of you have written to ask about what we ordered. Please see below.

Am attaching a selection of NPH favourites from the year and also his closing number at the Tony Awards which is still my favourite.

At Babbo we shared everything. Of course Gwyneth, who is Mario’s bff, probably eats this every day and is bored by now.

Neci con Funghi Misti – mushrooms and cheese in a crepe and amazingness and this will CHANGE YOUR F_CKING LIFE.

Pumpkin “Lune” with Sage and Amaretti
– and the angels started singing

Beef Cheek Ravioli with Crushed Squab Liver and Black Truffles – someone told me he tried to take this off the menu once and the regulars revolted. The regulars are right.

Black Spaghetti with Rock Shrimp, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles
– I am still dreaming about the salami. Crumbled like bacon. But with a kick.

Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta – Brussels sprouts are so underrated

Duck with Rainbow Chard, Babbo Pancetta and Beet Vinaigrette – I could not believe how much came on this plate. HUGE duck leg. Juicy and not overcooked and we were gluttons.

Barbecued Skirt Steak with Eggplant “alla Piastra” and Salsa Verde – we asked for it blue which is how we like our beef. My problem is that no one ever cooks it as blue as I want it. Which is blue. Like still alive, blue. At Babbo it came blue. Oh la.

Maple and Mascarpone Cheesecake with Maple Cream and Saba – Jacek’s mother specialises in desserts and pastries. So he’s spoiled. It takes a lot to impress him. He pretty much tried to eat the entire serving. It was like Marion Cotillard on a plate.

An alternative? Because you’re over Batali and don’t give a sh-t about Babbo?

We spent our final evening in New York at Novita (Gramercy Park). Fantastic.

Photos from Wenn.com