Nothing like a bitchface that lies underneath the milk and honey. And for so many it’s so hard to believe. Because most of her characters have such sunny dispositions. Again, why is it that people can easily accept that politicians are liars and never the actors when the actors PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE ELSE for a living?

In university one of my favourite political science courses was a 2nd year elective on The American Presidents. Our professor called the Reagan section the “Thespian President” and it was fascinating how he approached every speech, every appearance, like a screenplay, studying angles like a director/cinematographer for maximum effect. Some suggested he paid more attention to the presentation than the substance. And was arguably successful because of it.

Reese Witherspoon would make a great first lady. Only she’d have to be careful about her bitchface in Washington. Reserved only for non-camera areas of the White House. As it happens, she brought her bitchface to Washington in June while shooting a new film. This was pre-Jakey split. But for some reason, Reese was crusty. And this first instance of bitchface was followed by several more.

In a year stacked with bitchfaces from some formidable actresses, hers is about as frosty and as sharp and as lethal and ruthless as they come. Put it this way: Reese Witherspoon/Megan Fox cage match? Please. No question. I’d put my down payment on America’s Sweetheart.

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