Started the year not a fan…

Am ending the year much more appreciative of LipGloss Zac Efron. It’s the vanity and the fawning that cockblocks the full support.

Having said that, his gesture of kindness towards a youth at Covenant House Vancouver in October is a feelgood moment in a year full of celebrity f-ckups. Click here to read about Zac’s encounter with a young person who will never forget that day.

Zac was recently back in Vancouver to hang out with Vanessa Hudgens. During dinner one night at Joe Fortes he was overheard talking about Covenant House yet again, about his interest in the work, and the plight of street kids in our communities.

It’s unseasonably cold here in Vancity and emergency measures have been put in place to help with the homeless population. December is the busiest month at Covenant House Vancouver as young people with nowhere else to go access our services during what’s often the loneliest time of year. Our annual youth Christmas party is on December 21st. There’s a hot meal, there are counselling services available, and fun activities, and everyone leaves with a backpack full of necessities. If you are interested in supporting, please visit our website at

As for Zac, today is Vanessa’s birthday. They ran errands together yesterday and met up with friends.

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