This was the year I started featuring random Bill Murray stories. Click here and here for a couple of examples. We’ll end the year with one too.

But first, if you haven’t seen Get Low, you should.

And now our latest amazing Bill Murray encounter – I’m SO f-cking jealous – comes courtesy of Roxanna who sent this to me yesterday.

Hey lainey,
So I have read all of your ridiculous Bill Murray stories for some time now, but I never thought I would actually be able to tell one of my own!

Okay, so two weeks ago, I was travelling with my boyfriend, Dawson. Dawson was riding up in the hotel elevator by himself when the doors opened...and who got in? Bill Murray, of course! Apparently there was a pause whereupon my boyfriend realized that he was breathing the same air as the one and only, when BILL REACHED OVER AND HELD ONTO HIS FACE AND KISSED HIM SMACK ON THE LIPS. What?!
He then stepped back, said "no one will ever believe you" and GOT OFF the elevator just as he had come. Dawson had no idea where he came from or where he was going, but I remember his completely flustered face as he got back to the hotel room. It was unbelievable. My only regret was that I wasn't the one in the elevator :)

Yeah. That is TOTALLY Bill Murray. And that would never happen to me. I’m not that lucky.

Photos attached – Bill at Letterman in July diving into a dumpster.

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