Remember the video? I watched this video over and over again. Captain Spain, overcome with emotion after winning the World Cup, interviewed by his presenter girlfriend, can’t help himself and kisses her on live TV. And then I was obsessed.


There followed a holiday to the USA and a lot of Spanish affection along the way. And since then it’s quieted down considerably, at least in terms of North American access, until the rumour frenzy that exploded all over in Europe about Sara’s alleged breast enhancement…what???

Kickette was all over it, covering the story as reported by the Spanish press. But you know those European reporters. Their track record is sh-t at best. Here’s how it all breaks down, briefly:

One year after she started dating Iker, Sara went to the hospital with friends. She was photographed leaving. She took a taxi home. Miraculously, two days later she was seen having lunch with Iker. Can you get up and get around so soon after that kind of procedure? Also, somehow the Spanish press was able to learn the exact size of the bags inserted into her tits and since there’s been no official denial, everyone has assumed that she must have gone in for a cup increase despite the fact that her breasts, like the rest of her, were beautiful without interference.

Fact or fiction?

This is the problem with Euro tabloids. They’ve bungled and bullsh-tted their way through so much it’s just so hard to take them seriously. And it’s not that I don’t want to believe it – how hard is it to believe that a 26 year old girl needs MORE? – it’s just that find it a real problem believing THEM. Every 5 minutes the Euro press is reporting out of their asses. Incredibly frustrating because they are, ahem, giving good gossip a bad name!

Whatever. As I like to say, Gossip is a Buffet. You choose your own entrée. In this case, here are the options:

  • Sara had her tits done and took drugs to recover and that’s why she and Iker were together in public so soon after and what a stupid twat for f-cking with her body when it was perfect to begin with and you’ve lost respect for her
  • Sara went to the hospital for something else. Like a biopsy. And doesn’t want to talk about it. So she’d rather just have you believe she put in some fakies.

This is Sara the other day watching Iker play in a charity football match. And a selection of photos are attached from the year that was, BEFORE the supposed augmentation.