Not sure where you are but here, in Canada, the Olympics were a big deal in 2010, an even bigger deal in Vancouver, where I live. Every Games produces darlings. There were several Canadian darlings. Among them Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir who took gold in Ice Dance. And they did it with a f-cking statement. Not a wobble, not a tremor, not a moment of doubt. Even now, when I watch it back, I can remember what it was like that night. And then what it was like in the studio as we waited for them to come in for those post-victory interview. Work was fun every morning during the Olympics, but that morning especially. By 3am, most of us had already memorised their entire free dance. And were still crying by the end of it. They were Rock Stars for the media. And you know that’s a jaded, hardened bitch ass group. Suddenly we all turned into fangirls. Even Jay Onrait. He will deny this now, almost a year later. But trust me when I tell you that Jay was extra concerned about his hair that day.

And the way Tessa looked that night, with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in the stands watching, it was truly, truly breathtaking.

Also attached – Tessa and Scott at the Gemini Awards in Toronto last month.

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