It was the MTV VMAs. The night was supposed to belong to Britney as the recipient of the Video Vanguard Award. And then Beyonce’s baby came along and cockblocked everyone...with a mic drop.


I wanted to chest bump Jacek but he really doesn’t appreciate a great famewhore the way I do.

Can you imagine the Year in Gossip without Watching Beyonce’s Throne?


Beyonce Thrust her Throne upon us and ordered us to be entertained. And we were! She moved that Throne around and told us to keep discussing, and examining, and fighting. And we did!

The thrusting will continue into the New Year as we all must await the arrival of the Little Rider. Until then, let’s look back at when it all began.

With a wind machine, OBVIOUSLY, gently blowing her hair and Kanye West too, who always has to be part of a memorable moment, and at the centre of it all, Beysus and her bump rub...

(PS Not even the cynic in me can kill the weepiness I feel at the sight of Jay-Z’s pride. When he nods his head like - that’s what I’m talkin’ about - Oh My God, I hug myself every time.)