Here’s the opposite of Scarjo and Sean Penn: one of my favourite hook ups of the year, aside from Blake Lively/Leonardo DiCaprio/Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds.

With Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield I’m happy about them on a pure level, not just for gossip’s sake, although that’s great too, but in a fangirl sense where I just want them to be them, together, and so well matched and adorable.  I’ll admit, at the beginning, it was a liiiiiitle too twee for my taste, considering the whole Spider-Man business.  But look at them, photographed the other day, hugging on a hike, so young and so full of promise, two of the brightest stars of the industry, relatively drama free, and, let’s face it, really nice to look at.
Of course, mostly, it has to do with my affection for Emma Stone. Right now, she is our great hope.

Duana and I keep asking ourselves lately – what happened to Rachel McAdams? Rachel was Emma in 2006 and now she’s making The Vow. In 2016 I have much higher expectations for Emma.