I considered calling it “Best & Worst” but I’m not sure “worst” is the right word. And besides, to see Connie Britton’s face when Kyle Chandler forgot to thank you - it was the kind of eyeroll reserved for a family member, the kind of eyeroll Tami Taylor gave Eric. A lot. Like, OF COURSE he’d forget me. Hey y’all, come on over, let’s celebrate with some barbecue, and is anyone curious was Gracie Belle looks like now? (Do you think Gracie Belle’s real life parents know what people - and so many have with varying degrees of subtlety - say about her?)

So it was at the Emmys, finally, after 5 years of being ignored, that Friday Night Lights won - twice! The first to Jason Katims for writing, and then to Kyle Chandler for Best Actor Drama. And did you notice the room? Everyone in that room watched Friday Night Lights. Jon Hamm definitely watched Friday Night Lights. From the sound of her shrieking, so did Drew Barrymore. And you? I will never stop nagging people about this.