Best of 2011: Mrs Wahlberg’s bitchface

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 15, 2011 20:16:27 December 15, 2011 20:16:27
One day, 40 years from now, when Jessi Cruickshank looks back at what will no doubt be an award-winning career, I still feel like this will make her highlight reel.

Jessi is the LA correspondent for etalk, was the host of MTV’s The Aftershow, my colleague and friend. Jessi is also, always, really, really good TV. Especially spontaneously. Most of the time, celebrities will play along. Last year at one of the Golden Globe after parties, she had a great interview with the reliably great Jon Hamm who thought Jessi’s Justin Bieber question was hilarious.

Well, Mrs Wahlberg certainly didn’t.

As Jessi discovered, or brought out, depends how you see it, Mrs Wahlberg is a MAJOR bitch. It’s AMAZING.

Mrs Wahlberg, Rhea Durham, was holding hands with her husband Mark, when they were stopped by Jessi on the party beat with the question:

“Justin Bieber presented an award tonight, did the 13 year old in you get kind of excited?”

And this is what happened. See below.


If you watch only Rhea’s face, doesn’t it look like Jessi just told her she wasn’t invited to her sleepover? Or ripped the head off her Cabbage Patch Doll? The best part is that Mark doesn’t even mind the question! But Rhea...

Rhea stalked off like Jessi just put Mark’s dick in her mouth.

OMG. I have watched this now for a year. And it STILL makes me happy.

Attached - Mr & Mrs Wahlberg running errands in LA a couple of months ago


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