Hot Harry is so hot to me that sometimes, when he’s being extra hot, like over and above his standard hot, I let out a gross pervy groan. I am not proud of this. But it is true. And it’s what I just did when reviewing these photos of Prince Harry at Ascot in May.

Mostly because he’s being so f-cking cute with the dog. But also, I mean genetically, they built Harry exactly to (my) specification.

His shoulders are amazing, even from behind. His neck too. And broad perfect man hands - not of the tea pouring variety, as you can see - and great a torso to leg ratio...

God, there is nothing, NOTHING, I want more in Gossip than for Hot Harry and Blake Lively to find each other. Maybe not in 2012. Let this play out between her and Ryan Reynolds for a while. But in 2013, I’m totally ready for the Duchess of Blake. OMG.