Best of 2011: Your Voice In My Head by Emma Forrest

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 22, 2011 20:03:42 December 22, 2011 20:03:42

My favourite book of the year. Forrest is an awesomely gifted writer. ItΓÇÖs not just the story, but the way she tells it, the words that describe it, so that you can feel so acutely her joy and her sadness and her gratefulness for the person who helped her go forward.

IΓÇÖve probably read this book 3 or 4 times this year just to review some of ForrestΓÇÖs most beautiful passages. If you have not, you should. SheΓÇÖs an unforgettable discovery. And sheΓÇÖs so f-cking smart.

Just announced -  Your Voice In My Head is to become a movie. And the director?

HeΓÇÖs called David Yates.

Sound familiar?

ItΓÇÖs like a marriage of bests. Yates directed the final four Harry Potter movies. And heΓÇÖs just been confirmed to take on the film adaptation of ForrestΓÇÖs memoir from a screenplay she wrote herself. It would be so amazingly meta if Colin Farrell played himself, non?

Forrest has never actually confirm-confirmed that itΓÇÖs him but, you know, itΓÇÖs totally him. And the thing is, I donΓÇÖt actually think heΓÇÖd be averse to doing it. Kinda like Colin Firth and Mark Darcy... only, um, about real people. They are still friends. It would be a brave role.

They say there arenΓÇÖt enough film projects that present accurate reflections of the modern female experience - sheΓÇÖs got problems but it doesnΓÇÖt mean she canΓÇÖt be funny, sharp, f-cked up, and the very opposite of Katherine Heigl and Sarah Jessica Parker. Emma Forrest... could be the answer.


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