Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer welcomed twins some time in September. Or maybe it was August. We don’t know. We don’t know because they haven’t told us, as their reps only released a statement confirming that the birth happened but not when or how and whether or not she had any drugs or used an epidural and how dilated she was when she went into the hospital. Nothing. Very, very short on details as far as celebrity pregnancy and child arrival is concerned.


Do we even know the sex?

Not really. There were some photos taken and some assumption of gender based on baby blanket colours (click here) but, again, the couple has restricted information about their children because... well...I have no idea. What kind of idiot celebrities restrict information about babies?

It’s been over 3 months. And somehow, no magazines, no blogs, no tv shows, no one has revealed ... much.

In the end, perhaps it’ll all amount to strategy, letting curiosity grow where there, really, wasn’t a lot of curiosity to begin with (unless you count Twi-Hardy True Blood fans). Maybe it’s a very well played media strategy so as to negotiate an eventual sale, with photos, like, ahem, Drew Barrymore.

But cynicism can come later. For now, I choose to be not cynical. I choose to believe Anna and Stephen really don’t want to share their twins with the world.

Attached - Anna out with the babies and a friend a few days ago.