Anna Wintour’s daughter posted this photo on Instagram of what her mother got her for Christmas. Most people have been talking about another picture she showed of a pile of presents just lying around haphazardly because Anna threw the tree out, complaining it was too “messy”. Click here to see. I care more about the gifts: a Downton Abbey mug and…pyjamas. Really, really great pyjamas. I need these pyjamas. And hers don’t appear to be monogrammed, pffffft. Mine will be monogrammed! Are pyjamas having a moment right now? I feel strangely resentful about this.

Anyway, as we reflect back on the year in gossip, it was Anna Wintour who gave us one of the best moments. Actually, no, it was H7 Beckham who inspired Anna to give us one of the best moments. Remember this?

And this?

And this too?

It was September, NY Fashion Week. H7 was front row at her mother’s runway. Knowing that she was seated beside the woman who’s been denying Victoria for years on the cover of VOGUE, H7 seized the opportunity – and she charmed. So now you know: if Posh ever fulfills her life’s dream of covering VOGUE US, it’s H7 who got her there. Anna Wintour, who is so cold she can ever resist Christmas trees, couldn’t resist Harper Seven.