She came back to us this year, Julia Roberts. We wrote more about Julia in 2013 than we ever have here at And in a totally “Who’s NATALIE???” way. When a Gossip Year includes Julia Roberts, there’s nothing to complain about. The best part is – there will be more.

Julia is campaigning. Julia is on the award show circuit. Julia, Miss Popular, surrounded by her friends, dominating George Clooney’s attention even though he’s representing Sandra Bullock’s movie (Gravity) as well as hers. Julia giving us gold every time she’s on a carpet. Julia sanctimoniously extolling the virtues of motherhood. Julia protesting that she’s a mother first before a movie star. Julia, the Movie Star, with her shoes off, monopolising every conversation. Julia attempting to defer to Meryl Streep…but letting out a honking goose laugh at exactly the right moment to remind you, she’s there, she’s always been there, she’ll always be there.

This is Julia Roberts at her best.

Attached – Julia with her husband Danny Moder and their three children out for a bike ride in Malibu on the weekend and boarding a private plane (Hawaii perhaps?) to begin their Christmas holiday.