You could take that title several different but related ways. First, Justin Bieber’s contrition. You remember? All those visits to Ellen? All those apologies? And the roast? He grovelled, kinda sorta, but that’s how it was branded. And the point?

Well the point was a new musical direction, a new album.

It’s a good album. I wrote about this when Purpose came out in November. Specifically, on November 23, after the American Music Awards, I wrote that:

Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose, is good. I’m not going to make you admit it because I know that the wall of irritation that you’ve built up for him the last two years is too thick for your ears to break through but I’m telling you, it’s good. It has guaranteed that he has a career beyond the baby stage. He has managed to grow his sound in a way that’s attracted the 20-30 club demo so, already, he’s ahead of artists like Avril Lavigne. JB does not have keep mining fans who are 14 years old.

So are you ready to admit it yet? I’ll admit to you that lately I listen to JB’s Purpose more than I listen to Adele’s 25. Sorry! It’s the holidays! I don’t want to sit around and cry all the time!

Sorry’s the word though. Because Sorry is the song getting all play right now. And that was the original intention behind the title of this post. Sorry, the song, but mostly the video. I f-cking love the video. It’s one of the best videos of the year. And not because of who’s not in it (him) but because of who is in it.

These women! These moves! This space!

The one in the Bulls jersey? She’s my spirit. I try to be her in my mirror all the time. But, really, it’s all of them. They’re dancing for each other. They’re playing to each other. All they need is each other. We all need this to be the kind of night we have tonight.