I’m actually wondering who I am right now. Robert Pattinson in the “best” column? I didn’t expect it either. But looking back over 2015, not even his tea-pouring hands were a problem this year.

Mostly it’s because he’s been so cute with FKA twigs and I’m obsessed with her. Partly it has to do with the fact that no matter what happens, even when he and twigs are on a carpet together, those TwiHards are still pretending like it’s a fakeout relationship so that he and Kristen Stewart can hide the existence of their secret children.

And some of it, yes, has to do with the superficial – Robert Pattinson looked REALLY good this year. Especially recently. Here at the MOBO Awards in early November:

Right? He looks so good that hand isn’t even scaring me.

And again at the GO Campaign event a couple of weeks later:

But I’ve never enjoyed Robert Pattinson as much as I did when I saw those videos of him dancing at Coachella while watching Drake. Drake brings out the goof, in himself and in others. Robert’s totally feeling himself and I’m kinda feeling him too. Not in the same way I feel Charlie Hunnam, obviously, but I’ll take his spontaneous spasmodics over Leo D’s festival choreography.