Tony Leung came to support Carina Lau. She was kinda overdressed in purple Elie Saab at the photo call and wore white Elie Saab, with a split-back cape, on the carpet. You know I can’t hate on anything with a cape, even if it is the terminally boring Elie Saab.

Again, as previously noted, Carina turns 48 this year. I’m just saying Hollywood might need to hit up whatever doctors they’re using in Hong Kong. Because they’re doing it much better over there.

While Carina played it safe, Sammi Cheng took some risks...and they worked. Look at the badass leather jacket combat boots combination she put together for the Blind Detective photo call. And how about the all-sequined long sleeved drapey neutral-ish (what colour is this?!) gown she wore on the carpet with the feather neck gear? Is this how we do sequins then without looking tacky? By leaving room instead of having them cling? It might be one of my favourites of the year, let alone the festival. Also, Andy Lau.