The joy for me here is that I never, ever would have imagined that I’d ever be writing about Bette Midler and Zoe Kravitz in the same post. I hope this is as delightful for you as it is for me. Because we’re checking off all of our MET Gala theme boxes in so many ways. Bette is coming at you from one generation, amused to find herself, alongside Marc Jacobs no less, in an exquisite gown that fits her beautifully, but you can’t quite call her a stately old lately because he’s wrapped her head around some random ass wire that is as much fun as anyone at any age is supposed to have.

And I hope Zoe Kravitz is having the same kind of fun behind her mask too. Because she decide to go to the MET Gala as a curious little insect, with all that material wrapped around her back like a pair of wings, half sexy-fly, half human. Sure, why not? I can find the theme in there too. The shoes, though. That’s some overkill, isn’t it?