Dear Gossips,

We are 48 hours away from the Beyoncé-Adele Grammys. Both Beyoncé and Adele are expected to perform during the show. Reportedly Beyoncé’s performance will feature a few cameos but, come on now, the Avengers she’s growing inside of her are really the only cameos required. When Beyoncé’s on stage, it’s all eyes on Beyoncé. This time, Beyoncé + 2.

For over 6 months now I’ve been Gossip Genie-ing a Beyoncé-Adele collaboration at the Grammys. And while Beyoncé can keep a secret better than almost anyone else, right now, that doesn’t seem likely. Still, to quote the indomitable CJ Cregg, “it’ll be a sight to see, I mean a sight to see”. These two women, these women who are giants of the music industry, each of them ruling the business in their own way, and as the LA Times noted yesterday, each representing the business in her own way – one a “natural classicist” and the other a “fearless innovator”. And they’re head to head in several categories.

Which one will the Academy favour?

According to Rolling Stone, Beyoncé, despite leading all artists with the most nominations, is  actually the underdog in this situation. You have to remember it’s the Recording Academy and who these people are. Just the other day I posted about how they had to have a f-cking meeting to decide if Beyoncé was “gaming the system”, like somehow she was cheating them out of their power and control. With this in mind, Rolling Stone has made its predictions in the major categories, differentiating between who “will” win, who “should” win, and who was “robbed”. Check back with that link through the night on Sunday to see if they got it right.

Grammys and BAFTA coverage on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,