The Beauty & The Beast premiere happened last Thursday. Emma Watson was the big draw on the red carpet. The biggest draw, however, avoided the red carpet and arrived at the last minute: Beyoncé. With the Blue Ivy Carter. And, of course, the Blessings.

Beyoncé has posted the photos from the event on her website. As you can see, Blue’s in Gucci, the kids version of Nicole Kidman’s double parrots at the SAGS. Basically Blue’s dress was better than any other dress worn by anyone at the premiere.

As you can see, Beyoncé cannot stop belly-cupping. And even Jay is getting in on the gross father belly-cupping. Part of it is probably in reaction to the f-cking idiots who still think Blue was a pillow during her first pregnancy. But mostly, it’s for the Extra. Beyoncé is delivering the FUTURE. Like, oh hey, Citizens of the World, I have given you one saviour. And now inside me there are two more. Think about how we all reacted on February 1, when she came to us as the Queen Mother, in her garden of fertility. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to come to the party. But you also can’t deny that a lot of people are at the party.