Well. I’m a f-cking stupid asshole. Yesterday when I posted about Beyoncé I was wondering about Jay Z’s Dwayne Wanye outfit, sort of wishing that they would have saved it for a time when Beyoncé could be Whitley with him. And then, on Halloween proper, they do this.


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Yeah, it’s better than Dwayne and Whitley, of course it is. I’m just the ignorant c-nt who foolishly didn’t think Beyoncé would keep bringing it on Halloween with her own, better, best, ideas.

You know who had a great idea though? Shonda Rhimes. Shonda did Halloween in Formation this year. Check it:


"I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it..." #ShondalandHalloween #shondaland (I committed to my costume!)

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There are three ways to do Halloween: sexy, scary, and funny. For me it’s never sexy. Because sexy, to me, automatically says “uncomfortable”. My Halloween requirement the last few years has been pants or robe, everything below the knee and preferably, very loose. Yesterday on The Social I was Sporty Spice. My costume was a… TRACK SUIT! Come on!

My favourite costume so far, probably my whole life, was what I did for etalk:


Happy Halloween!

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RIGHT??? I could have won a contest!