Beyoncé and Jay Z were in LA together this weekend, seen here taking the BIC to ballet lessons, shutting down rumours, once again, that she’s thrown him out. Which. I don’t understand how there could still be rumours if you’ve consumed Lemonade, but OK.

Late last week Page Six reported that B and Jay have actually recorded a secret album together that’s supposed to be released on Tidal very soon. According to a Page Six source:

“Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after ‘Lemonade.’ It’s more their style to respond through music.”

OK but they were never going to do an interview… period. Beyoncé doesn’t interview, remember? So the point about this album being a replacement or an “instead of” to an interview is dumb. Is it possible that there’s an album out there? Of course. Would that album then lead to another joint tour like On The Run? Now that’s more believable. You’ll recall, On The Run kicked off just 3 months after Beyoncé came off her solo The Mrs Carter Show world tour. She stack her money, money everywhere she goes, Commas and them decimals. Remember?

Beyoncé’s Formation stops in Toronto tomorrow. Sasha just came into my office because as she just said, we are BEYOND. We have dinner reservations that have been made in time so that we can get to the arena to queue for merch and, um, we might also have individualised dance moves for certain songs. Like sh-t you just pull out on your own when you’re listening to B in the kitchen. For example, for “middle fingers up, put ‘em hands high”, I do this thing with my own hands and fingers and a “boy bye” that no one else has seen and, well, it just might be that my body instinctively busts that out among thousands of people. I may have also just sent a very stern group text to our crew about tomorrow’s schedule. Like 6pm sharp for dinner, bill must be paid by 7:45pm. We must be walking to the arena by 7:50pm. And not at all sorry about being a goddamn drill sergeant because formations are organised and punctual, goddamn it. That’s OK, right?