Bey weekend, actually. As you know, some people treat Beyoncé’s birthday like it’s a holiday. I’m not sure any other celebrity birthday is acknowledged the way hers is. But, then again, as we saw at the VMAs last week, Beyoncé is singular. 

So she spent some time with Michelle Obama at Camp David on Saturday, then on Sunday, her birthday proper, she was in Philadelphia with Jay Z for the Made In America festival where several acts shouted out Bey Day during their sets. And then last night the Soul Train themed party with a throwback to Foxy Cleopatra and a lot of famous friends including:

Chance the Rapper


Beyoncé x Chance the Rapper

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Beyoncé's #SoulTrain themed birthday party tonight.

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And Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, and Kendrick Lamar – see attached.

The VIP guest, however, was the Blue Ivy Carter who also came in costume and wished her mother a Happy Birthday:


Blue wishing Beyoncé a happy birthday ūüíôūüíôūüíô Blue tasting the cake ūüė©ūüėā

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Blue also showed off her moves:


#Beyonce & Blue dancing to #WorkItOut last night

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Then her dad made the moves on her ma:


Beyoncé x Jay Z dancing #SoulTrainThemedBDayParty

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Beyoncé was supposed to take Formation to New Jersey tomorrow but has postponed the show to October 7 on doctor’s order to rest her vocal chords. She already sounded hoarse to me during her acceptance speeches at the VMAs and also at her party when she was on the mic thanking people for coming. The show on Saturday in St Louis is scheduled to go ahead as planned. Then her tour heads to LA. And the Emmys. Conveniently it’s an off night for her. Lemonade is up for 4 Emmys.