Beyoncé was in Italy on Gossip Christmas Day. She’s touring Europe until August 3 and then has a month off at which point she’ll likely go on a yacht-holiday for a couple of weeks. Like Mimi. Or maybe, since Mimi’s been yacht-holidaying for what seems like a month now, B will decide she wants to do something different. Have you ever noticed Mimi’s work-to-holiday ratio? It’s a week on…and then 6 weeks off.

Anyway. Beyoncé. And what went down between Taylor and the Wests.

F-ck what I would give to know her reaction to it. And I know it’s on video somewhere because Beyoncé documents Beyoncé. So Beyoncé is in possession of the video that captured the moment she found out that Kanye West’s wife released those tapes. It exists. It will never be shown to us, she will never, ever comment on it – at least not with words – but the knowledge that it exists, that it’s tangible and alive…God it’s making me crazy.

But also…

Beyoncé and Taylor both have their very own secret video scandals now.