Did you see those pictures over at TMZ? Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, is trying to sell off all kinds of Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé memorability. Like outside his office. Like on the sidewalk. Beyoncé at the garage sale! Not exactly on Beyoncé brand.

TMZ speculates that Mathew is short on cash to pay for his other kids and is raising money however he can since, ostensibly, Beyoncé’s not giving him any. If she is it’s in small increments. And with specific spend requirements. Like, I’ll just pay for your office directly, dad. Or, sure, I’ll cover your payments too. This way he never actually gets his hands on anything disposable. That’s the side of Beyoncé she’ll never let you see, at least not without a filter. Beyoncé’s father continues to embarrass her.

But she wasn’t showing it last night in New York, out for dinner with JayZ in a hot pink suit. I wonder when they’re leaving for the boat. Usually with the Carters, they spent the holidays on a boat. A crazy ass luxury boat. Somewhere crazy ass exclusive. Was it St Barts last year? This has always fascinated me. Like is there a celebrity newsletter that’s sent around telling people what the VIP destination is for the season?

One more thing – look at this coat!!!



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