Beyoncé has a break off from touring and is spending her holiday as she often does – on a yacht, in Europe. Formation doesn’t pick up again until September but before that it’s the VMAs on August 28th where she leads all nominees. Adele doesn’t have a show either that night. And she’s nominated too. So there’s the photo we’re all waiting for, Beyoncé and Adele sitting side by side. Beyoncé, Adele, and Rihanna sitting side by side by side, actually. Rihanna’s getting the Vanguard this year.

Anyway, in other Beyoncé news, and the real point of this post – have you seen the video of the sheriff’s deputy performing Formation at a lipsynch competition? It happened at a back-to-school event in Virginia. Lt Deuntay Diggs is clearly a member of the Beyhive. My friend Lorella told me about it this morning. As she pointed out, he’s doing the splits in a gun belt!

I love him. I love him so much.



When you're a police officer but a Beyonce Stan too so you have to get in Formation, literally.

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