Beyoncé posted a montage this weekend from when she visited the Alvin Ailey dance company last week to support Miss Tina’s work with Tina’s Angel’s. She showed off her outfit, her pink trench, so now people are changing their minds about whether or not the blessings are girls and not boys.


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Again, as I mentioned recently in post about her If I Were A Boy earrings, it’s not like Beyoncé doesn’t know about the talk she generates. Of course she knows. And she’s probably laughing about it. Just like she’s laughing about the search for her Snapchat.


In that same montage, you’ll note B has also included several snaps of her goofing with the Blue Ivy Carter, using different filters, and also one of her moving her pregnant belly around. Here is it, isolated:



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I wonder if that’s a direct challenge to all the f-cksh-t that was going on back when she had Blue, people trying to rumour that it was a fake bump. Many are reading it as yet another tease about her Snapchat. So far, no one has been able to find it. Which is why Beylite, a seemingly Beyoncé-sanctioned Instagram fan account, mocked up this:


😩😂🤣😭"Petty, petty, petty, I've been winnin' steady." 🤷🏽‍♀️ #edit

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It’s true. But that’s not stopping the hunt. Or people from looking at those symbols and wondering what they meaaaaaaaannnnn.