We’ll get back to the Star Wars posts later. Because Beyoncé stepped out last night. And it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen (and not heard) from her from her.

Check out B in New York leaving her office after what looks to be a holiday party. She’s dressed for it. Ridiculous? I guess. Ridiculous but also a super cute outfit? Um, yeah. It’s the striped turtleneck dress underneath that anchors it. With the booties. So that whatever’s going on top, with all the ornaments and the funky glasses, feels disposal but just fun.

As mentioned in yesterday’s open – click here for a refresher – 2015 was not a noisy year for Beyoncé. Seems like she’s closing it out quietly too. The more silent she is though, you get the sense the louder it’ll be when she finally returns. Because it’s not like you don’t know Beyoncé. And the awareness of Beyoncé when it comes to Beyoncé. She’s not going to build us up so hungry and come back with a little squeak.

For those of you wondering about Jay Z, he was there too for the party, and was photographed leaving the building shortly after her.