I mean it really shouldn’t have been a thing that Jay Z wasn’t with Beyoncé at the VMAs last night, particularly when you consider what she was communicating through her presence and her performance. For her, the point was Women. Still, there will be idiots looking for the gossip. I look for the gossip too. But it’s a disservice to gossip when the source is bullsh-t.

Just to make sure then that her big post-VMA message was clear, Beyoncé stepped out for dinner and the after-party last night with Jay at Pasquale. The Wests were there. Diddy was there. And Alicia Keys.

PS. I LOVED her red carpet dress, the drama of it. This white situation with all the sheer business? No thank you. But I did appreciate all the changes, especially DURING the performance. Like, we could have spent an entire post talking about the skill it takes in making those transitions run smoothly too.