Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Fall/Winter 2016 collection is now available. I feel like we would have been talking more about it this week but, you know, Brange imploded. Vanity Fair says that the point of the Ivy Park second collection is denim and mesh. That wasn’t my takeaway. My takeaway from the collection is: camo print! Excuse me but look at this parka:

And this camo mesh sports bra.

My goal in life lately is to live exclusively in sports bras. I think I will be investing in several of these. Even though, um, I did not invest in any Ivy Park when the first collection was launched. This is a terrifying thing to say out loud. But it’s not like I haven’t given Beyoncé my money this year. I’ve given her a lot of money. Like 7 concert tickets worth of money. And I was totally intending to buy Ivy Park when it came out. But then the parking lot at my gym went under construction and I’m the lazy f-ck who won’t go the gym if I can’t find a good parking spot. That’s my segue back to the Vanity Fair article though – as they point out, we don’t ever actually see Beyoncé go to the gym like for real. Not the way other celebrities go to the gym for the paps. Ivy Park is Beyoncé at Life. Not just at the gym or at work or, I don’t know, whatever it is that Beyoncé does. And that’s what I find kind of hilarious, in the same way I found it hilarious when she said at her show that she worked hard and followed her dreams and we could all be and do the same. Really?!

Here are Beyoncé and Jay Z out together on Wednesday. Beyoncé and Jay made it off the elevator. But Brange couldn’t make it off the plane. Think about that.