Dear Gossips,

Nope. Still haven’t run out of things to say about Beyoncé. I still have 5 think-pieces I haven’t gotten to yet. And each think-piece has 5 links that I add to the read list which keeps growing. Some scholars are saying that Lemonade will have several stages of study. Right now we’re just processing the immediate reaction. Over time, after all the Becky drama and intrigue has passed, and more people can pay more attention to the actual messages she’s addressing in her art and how those messages are actioned and processed, there will be subsequent waves of Lemonade analysis. So we’ll just have to keep pouring. I’m not mad about that.

What’s new today is that HBO will reportedly be submitting Lemonade for Emmy consideration in the Outstanding Variety Special category. Last year the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special won the Emmy. For many years before that it was the Kennedy Center Honours. I can’t imagine the nomination not going through. Not only because Lemonade is, well, Lemonade is a standard now, isn’t it? But also, the TV Academy would LOVE to get Beyoncé on their stage, non?

Beyoncé will take her own stage tonight in Miami to kick off the Formation World Tour. It’s a full month until I see her in Toronto. So I will be living for this on Twitter and Periscope. I need to know the set list. I need to see the costumes. I need to see the new choreography. And if there are pictures, I promise I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,