Beyoncé performed this weekend at TIDAL X 1015. You didn’t think I’d close out the day without a dedicated Beyoncé post, did you?

So everyone’s talking about how B tore her ear open on stage and, even though she was bleeding, there was no interruption to the service. Well, of course there wasn’t. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to give Beyoncé her props, but she doesn’t stop when she falls on stage, she doesn’t stop when she stumbles at the Super Bowl, she doesn’t stop when her hair gets caught in a fan… so, really, what’s a snagged earlobe?

To me though, what’s more impressive is the overall show itself. Remember, Beyoncé just wrapped the Formation tour. She’s been on tour since April. And, even though she had only a week in between, she managed to put together a production that felt completely fresh. Sure, there may have been some choreography that was repeated but there was also a lot of new choreography to go with the new costumes so that the overall effect was that it felt like an entirely original presentation. Including the hologram:


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#Beyonce #tidalx1015 #Legend 🙌🏽

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At this point, Beyoncé is so peerless that we’re almost becoming conditioned to the fact that she operates at another level, a level where she comes off an already incomparable tour and turns around another one-off performance at the highest standard. Right now there is literally no one else in the industry who comes close.