Dear Gossips,

Last Friday, ahead of the Super Bowl, I wrote that I spend a lot of time wondering what Beyoncé is up to. Click here for a refresher. Since Saturday, when she gave us the Formation, I spend even more time wondering what Beyoncé is up to. I know I am not alone. Yesterday NPR posted a piece called “Not Ready To Stop Obsessing Over Beyoncé And Formation? We Got You”. Click here to read it. And there’s also this post, about the making of the Formation video, with commentary from production designer Ethan Tobman about what it’s like to work with Beysus and a note at the end...

"There were larger reasons for this video coming out when it did and that will become obvious in the weeks to come."

Of course there are. Of course it will. It’s Beyoncé. There’s always a plan. There’s always a purpose. She’s been quiet for almost two years. So that when she finally has something to say, everyone’s paying attention. And, well, just simply paying. I paid for my Formation Tour tickets yesterday during the pre-sale. It was several hours of pure stress. Sasha wrote at one point that our group text had become a support service. Then the anxiety disappeared as soon as we secured our seats. Like we were f-cking grateful to Beyoncé after having just spent money on her. Yep. We are seeing Beyoncé in the Time of Beyoncé.

Yours in gossip,