As covered yesterday, the Beyhive swarmed Nicole Curran, who was sitting beside Beyoncé at the Oracle for Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors (#WeTheNorth) and the Golden State Warriors, after their interaction the sidelines. Nicole was STUNG. She says that the Video Assumption was way off-base (an air ball? Sorry, I’ll stop) because what she was really doing was leaning over Beyoncé to check on what Jay-Z wanted in his drink, that she was trying to be a good host. And all she got for her trouble was death threats and more bullying by the Hive. 

Yvette Noel-Schure is Beyoncé’s longtime publicist, with her since Destiny’s Child. If your scholarship of Beyoncé is undergrad or lower, you may want to revisit this ELLE piece on Yvette from earlier this year to better understand their relationship and the Beyhive’s understanding of this relationship. It is, by now, common knowledge that Beyoncé rarely makes public statements. It is rare, too, for Yvette to issue statements for her. Here’s what Yvette posted on Instagram yesterday:


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To those of you unfamiliar with hive politics, please appreciate that this would 100% have been received the way it was intended: they are being chided. This is an admonishment. The Beyhive knows the behaviour of their Queen and receives very clearly her messages when she sends them. Through one of her most trusted generals, the Queen has issued a rebuke and they absolutely would be reading this as a rebuke. Nicole Curran received the honour of a Beyoncé rebuke of her own colony. 

In other Beyoncé news, she made a surprise appearance last night at Denzel Washington’s AFI Achievement Gala to present the Franklin J Schaffner Alumni Medal to Melina Matsoukas. We have talked about Melina’s work and how she shows her work a lot on the site and on Show Your Work. Melina directed several of Beyoncé’s iconic (aren’t they all iconic?) videos, including “Formation”, and she worked on Insecure and Master of None as well. She is a member of the Beyoncé inner circle. Well of course she is. Beyoncé doesn’t show up for just anyone. 


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That last photo in the carousel? Some people are reading into that shot. I’ve received more than a few messages today on social media and email wondering… is Beyoncé pregnant? 

Pregnancy rumours are not my favourite kind of gossip. Beyoncé pregnancy rumours, however, are on a different level. Can you f-cking imagine if she shows up on The Lion King red carpet to announce that she’s expecting her own Lion King?