It’s Beyonce, of course, and this is the title of her new double album:

The first: I Am… The second: Sasha Fierce.

Sasha of course is what she calls her alter ego, the gyrating performer who is released on stage. In private, Sasha retreats and cedes the spotlight to B who, apparently, is much more sedate and doesn’t talk about herself in the third person.

Sasha Fierce however is most definitely NOT BC Jean. BC Jean is a very talented up and coming artist who actually wrote If I Were A Boy and was allegedly forced into selling the rights to the song to Beyonce’s team determined to claim it as their own… a practice that’s been in place forever in the music industry and one that’s made millions for otherwise mediocre stars.

Not to say that B is mediocre. But if she keeps calling herself the total package, and a future icon (which is her stated aspiration) can she really be ripping off other people’s work while insisting she’s a songwriter as well as a singer?

In the end, doesn’t that just make her Britney Spears? Brit is an icon in her own right too, you now.

This is Beyonce leaving with Jay-Z after dinner at Cipriani last night.

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