Duana, Lara, Sasha, and I went to Beyonce’s The Mrs Carter Show together. Maybe it’s because B was harnessed all the way to a stage right in front of our section but for us, it was the Irreplaceable/Survivor/Love On Top three song combination that had us levitating. Especially Love On Top. Love On Top is a good song. But Love On Top when it’s live? It’s unforgettable when it’s live. You do remember the baby bump mic drop, don’t you?

So Beyonce just posted a Love On Top video on her Tumblr, combining stage and backstage footage from the tour featuring the fans who worship her in the audience and the many fans lucky enough to meet her before she goes on. Some of these fans are ill, others are disabled. Having time with Beysus is a gift. And according she calls is “Bey Good”.

Bey Good? Bey GOD.

Is it … a little self-serving? Of course it is.

But THIS SONG. Bey Good this song. This is one of those songs. You do feel GOOD when you hear this song. You can’t help but feel good when you hear this song. And when she layers these visuals on top of it, it is indeed heart explodey, even if it feels a little manipulated.

So we’ll balance that out by including this photo that B also posted – of her standing on a wing of a private jet. Come ON.