I am all up in this Inauguration Porn. Can’t get enough.

Beyonce just sang. And she was great. So I promise you, or I warn you, whichever is more appropriate, there will be another Beyonce post either later today or tomorrow when more pictures are available. For now, here she is, arriving with Jay-Z, and dressed like it’s the Oscars. And why not? People shat on Aretha Franklin four years ago for wearing a massive hat to celebrate. Why wouldn’t she wear the very, very, VERY best outfit, her Sunday best, if you will, in her closet to commemorate that occasion?

B’s date, of course, was Jay-Z, her husband. There was a cute moment when she finished, and walked back to meet him, and he put his arm around her and she dropped her head, heavily, on his shoulder, from relief. That was Beyonce. Sasha Fierce? Oh she showed up too. More on her when there’s video.

While B had her spouse there with her to witness the beginning of Barack Obama’s second term, Katy Perry too had a companion:

John Mayer.

If only we could fast forward five years to see how she might feel about that in hindsight, as she tousled his hair intimately in the VIP section.