It was indeed the number 4. April 4th, 2008 – Jay Z and Beyonce got married in New York and they pulled it off impressively privately. Which means those wedding photos are going to be worth maybe even more than Jennifer Lopez’s twins…should they choose to pimp them.

Believe it or not though, it actually might not happen. Because if there’s one area where she’s been consistent, it’s her relationship. Both B and Jay keep it pretty quiet, choosing not to allow public access into their love… not unlike their good friends Gwyneth and Chris, only much less annoying. After all, no one can be more annoying than my Gwynnie when she’s pleading for privacy. This is why I love her.

Also love the B/J union. There could have been no one else for Beyonce, and no one else for Jay-Z too. Beyonce and Jay-Z together are music royalty. So impressive when people actually DON’T settle.