F-ck Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard (more on those two twats later), because as much as they tried, the first couple of Coachella 2010 was indisputably Beyonce and Jay-Z. He performed, and she joined him, and it was the f-cking cutest sh-t ever, and you should watch now before they pull it down because they’ve been pulling all the videos down and you really shouldn’t miss it, especially around the 4:20 mark.

If anyone ever made an observation about Jacek and me, I would want it to be the same: they look like they’re enjoying each other so much. Fun, right? Because they don’t have kids! Woah! Jokes! OK sorry, you can bitchslap me for that one. But let’s not fight all day. We have to talk sh-t about other people.

I have a friend whose only contribution to a Beysus and J discussion is to comment that he isn’t pretty. No, he isn’t conventionally pretty. He’s not Brad Pitt, he’s not Blair Underwood, but he is Jay-Z. And, as noted before, given who she is, and what she is, who else could she marry? She married to stature. She didn’t marry some skint video boy with a great smile and not much else. It’s royalty.

Photos from Wenn.com