We are 6 months away but early word is that B"s Dreamgirls could be the one to watch, with a surprisingly stellar performance by Sasha - or whatever she"s calling herself these days - that has many thinking "First Nomination." And no, I"m not on crack. Although it"s highly unlikely that Academy voters will go beyond the honour of a nod, my sources say the campaigning has already begun in earnest, and all this talk is certainly going to her head, which could explain why she can"t sing for sh*t these days. Is it just me or is her new album one assy song after another? Anyway, here"s B on the cover of Essence, looking decidedly un-Tina Knowles for a change. Which brings us to another question for the ages. Why is it that "we" are the only people capable of seeing Mama"s budget designs for what they are? Are "we" the problem…or is this just a modification of the family classic "cooking" situation? You know there are some women who can"t cook for sh*t? like my mother? But they keep cooking and the husband the children keep eating it because they don’t have the heart to tell her she sucks? Could this be the explanation behind the Tina Knowles fashion experiment? Because seriously, I don"t know anyone who can stomach the atrocities she keeps spinning out as style. Just asking… Photo from https://www.concreteloop.com/