Did her mother design this dress? I’m inclined to think not. Because she looks great in it. And because it’s not ugly. A tad beauty pageant, perhaps, but definitely not ugly. And was she totally adorable last night or what? Especially when Jay Z was performing – boppin’ her head, wavin’ her arms, smilin’ big and pretty and maybe even a little bit fake for the cameras…which naturally had my smutty sense tingling. Pray Goddess there’s nothing wrong, I do love B and J together, and I also love when B gets a little jealous. Was forced to watch Oprah on Monday, she had the cast of Dreamgirls on, naturally gushing of course over Jamie Foxx and Beyonce but going even more bananas for Jennifer Hudson who is actually generating MORE Oscar buzz than B herself for her outstanding breakthrough performance. Jennifer was gracious and acknowledged several times the honour of working with her decorated co-stars but every time the camera hit the B – unmistakable signs of tight clenching which I actually find rather endearing: the mighty Beyonce Knowles frightened by an upstart and like any of us would, trying desperately not to show it. Dreamgirls, as you know, is being heavily touted for Oscar and hailed as the comeback vehicle for Eddie Murphy, said to be a lock for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Obviously it’s a musical, or at least it was inspired by a Broadway musical, and it’s the kind of movie where the actors “sing” the dialogue instead of “speaking” it…which is, forgive the cochon, kinda distracting, especially when the characters are in an argument – like the clip they showed on Oprah. Beyonce and Hudson are having this serious, serious scrap but it’s all set to music and it’s catchy music but for the lay people, the non-musical viewers, you’re tempted to sing along only you don’t know the words or the tune, so you have to listen really hard to what they’re singingsaying, and since the groove is kinda funky, you also want to tap your foot and bounce on your bum but you can’t because then you’d miss a critical part in the dialogue and the result is this weird anxiety-ridden cinematic limbo that turns what was supposed to be an entertaining experience into a rather stressful one… Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just uncouth and uncultured. Anyway, Dreamgirls opens in December and there is absolutely no doubt Beyonce will be representing it in some form or another come February 25. In the meantime, check out the trailer, aside from the talk/sing parts, it does look sensational.